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Asset Harbour is proud to be chosen as a Partner of children's charity Wooden Spoon to offer Estate planning guidance on Gifts in Wills and Legacies. As a Partner of Wooden Spoon we can ensure the correct Will is in place and we will make a donation to the charity if you choose to use our services.

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“Through the power of rugby every child and young person, no matter what their background has access to the same opportunities. Our rugby heritage drives our core values of Passion, Integrity, Teamwork and Fun.”




Wooden Spoon Charity 

Wooden Spoon is a charity that changes children’s lives through the power of rugby. Each year they fund around 70 projects, from community programmes and specialist playgrounds to medical treatment centres and sensory rooms.

Since 1983, they have distributed over £26 million to more than 700 projects, helping more than a million children. Asset Harbour have partnered with Wooden Spoon Charity, enabling us to ensure the correct Will and Estate planning options are in place and we will make a donation to the charity if members, players and parents choose to use our services.

Asset Harbour’s Managing Director, Mark Wilde, comments; “Writing a Will is something that we all know we should have but just never seem to actually do. I can’t think of many words that can immediately switch people off or make them feel a little uncomfortable. On researching many charity websites there is often the option to leave a legacy to the charity within the Will, but despite the importance of making a Will and the far-reaching consequences of not having a Will, it tends to be one of the most overlooked legal documents in the UK and unfortunately for any charity that is where the pledge ends.

However, should you die without a Will in place your loved ones may not benefit in the way that you or they would have hoped? Instead, your assets will be divided under the Governments laws of intestacy. Meaning that you are not in control of how your estate is divided.”

Worryingly, every year the number of people in the UK that do not have a Will goes up and up – Government figures indicate that almost 30 million adults have not made a Will... are you one of them?


This is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.


You can email the Asset Harbour team at

(please refer to Wooden Spoon when making contact). 

“By becoming a Partner of Wooden Spoon we can not only ensure the correct Will is in place and potentially leave a Legacy, but we make a contribution directly back to the charity. I am very pleased that we have been chosen to support Wooden Spoon.”

Mark Wilde, Managing Director at Asset Harbour

An Introduction to Wooden Spoon

An Introduction to Wooden Spoon Charity

"I don't think there's a public in the world who respond like the British to a call for charity."

Terry Wogan